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Welcome to Gluetips!

This is the best place to come to if you need advice on glues – how to use them, what to use them for, comparisons, specific projects, and tips and tricks. I’m Jeremy, the owner of Gluetips, and I have 13 years of experience working as a carpenter and furniture builder.

I’ve decided to start this website because I want to share my knowledge with you. No one is born a handyman, and having a place that teaches you important facts about glues is essential in improving your skills.

Gluetips will teach you about the way glues work, why they work the way they do, their characteristics, recommended uses, various adhesive brands, and so on. In other words, it’s everything you need to finish your project quickly.

I’m doing this to help those who are starting on this path. I know how hard it is to engage in something you know next-to-nothing about, especially if it’s home repairs. It’s less costly to repair a broken chair by yourself than hire someone else to do it.

Gluetips is built using my experience as a professional carpenter and furniture builder, but also my passion for construction. You can rest assured that every guide here is accurate and factual because it comes from direct knowledge and research.

You’ll find various guides here, including:

  • Comparisons between two adhesives (Mod Podge vs. Elmer’s Glue)
  • Material-to-material type of guides, where I’ll recommend several adhesives that can bond two materials together most efficiently (rubber to metal, plastic to metal, metal to wood, etc.)
  • Specific projects guides, where I’ll recommend the best types of glue for specific applications (best glue for plastic toys / best wood glue for furniture)
  • Glue guide, where I’ll talk about a specific type of glue in great detail and cover all the important bits (super glue guide, wood glue guide, hot glue guide, etc.)
  • “Can you do this?” type of guide, where I’ll explain whether you can use an adhesive for a specific material/project or not (can you use hot glue on fabric, does PVC glue work for ABS, etc.)

Moreover, I’ll use several criteria when discussing adhesives, such as tensile strength, resistance to hazards, tackiness, ease of use, versatility, how quickly it dries/cures, work time, cost, and more. These criteria cover every functionality parameter of an adhesive!

Gluetips has guides on all types of glue used in the industry today. White glue, superglue, epoxy resin, polyurethane glue, silicone, spray adhesives, yellow wood glue, hot glue, you name it and there’s a guide for it.

I’ve devised this website with simplicity and accessibility in mind so that anyone can find the needed information in a matter of minutes. Handymen don’t have too much time to waste because the project needs our attention, right?

That’s what I thought, so you should find the exact information you need quickly and efficiently here. Is epoxy resin washable? Can you use hot glue with fabric? Does polyurethane glue work for metal and ceramics?

You’ll find the answer to all these questions on Gluetips, so don’t look elsewhere for information on glues! I’ve made everything simple to understand so you can take the information and apply it without too much effort.

Best of luck with your projects and I hope these guides will help you!

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