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Jeremy Sanchez

My name is Jeremy and I’m here to assist you in choosing the right glue for the job!
My passion for adhesives and building spans decades, ever since I was old enough to know what glue is, basically.
I was always fascinated by how you could mash together several materials and create something new with them.

Naturally, glue plays an essential role in building. But I’m not only a hobbyist who does this for fun.

I have direct experience in household repairs and professional repairs, as well as construction.

I’ve worked with adhesives all my life and gathered ample knowledge on how to use them proficiently.
This knowledge, and more, I offer to you in the guides on GlueTips, all of which are based on research and my experience.

I use the same adhesives that I’ll tell you about in these guides, and I choose them using the same criteria described here.
All that is here is to help you become a better handyman and use glue like a professional constructor.

Using my experience with glues, I’ll give you simple facts and helpful tips for specific projects.

I won’t beat around the bush and only present you the facts as I observed them throughout my years of home repairs.

Even now, I use this knowledge for my projects around the house.

Think of me like the expert you come to for a piece of advice on adhesives. You can leave comments in the comments section and I’ll be glad to share my recommendations on any topic.

Need to repair your plastic radiator or work with stainless steel and polypropylene but you don’t know what glue to use?

Not a problem because I’ve worked with all these materials and I know how to bond them permanently.

I’m also an avid learner, so I’ll always do my research before talking about a topic.

After all, the industry is constantly evolving and new tech pops up all the time. You can expect fresh and factual information that’s tested and industry-proven.

I hope you’ll find these adhesive guides helpful and I’ll see you in the comments section for any problems you encounter!

How To Apply Sand To Wood?

To glue sand to the wood, you need to prepare the wood surface, apply the glue to the wood, and generously sprinkle it with sand.  If you want a thicker or deeper layer of sand … Read more

How To Glue Velvet To Wood?

The easiest and most efficient way to glue velvet to wood comes down to your type of glue. To glue velvet to wood easily, quickly, and efficiently, we recommend one of the following types of … Read more

Who Invented Adhesive Tape?

The first adhesive tape was a surgical tape invented by Dr. Horace Day in 1845.  Of course, this isn’t where taping and gluing started. For example, Ancient Egyptians used substances such as beeswax and resin … Read more

How to Remove Tile Adhesive?

You can remove tile adhesive with different techniques and tools, such as hot water, a steamer, a scraper, an adhesive-removing solution, and others.  The removal steps are also dependent on where you need to remove … Read more

What Adhesive Sticks to Brick?

If you want to stick items to brick, you need to use adhesive made to brick, such as masonry glue, construction glue, or outdoor landscaping glue.  With these different types of glues, you must make … Read more

Is Elmer’s Glue PVA?

Elmer’s glue is not PVA glue. Elmer’s glue contains PVA (polyvinyl acetate) but is not the same adhesive.  Comparing Emler’s glue with PVA glue, PVA glue offers better water-resistant qualities and a much stronger bond.  … Read more

How to Glue Wood Without Clamps?

You can easily and effectively glue wood without clamps by implementing a couple of strategic techniques, such as: Depending on the size and shape of your project, some of these effective alternative solutions will work … Read more

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