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Is Elmer’s Glue a Felt-Friendly Choice?

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Written by: Jeremy Sanchez


Is Elmer’s Glue a Felt-Friendly Choice?

Does Elmer’s Glue work on felt? The straightforward answer is: it depends. 

While felt crafts are fun and diverse, using the right adhesive can make all the difference in your project’s success. 

Let’s dive into the specifics of using Elmer’s Glue on felt.

Felt and Elmer’s Glue: Key Highlights

  • Felt’s nature: Felt comes in different varieties, from wool-based to synthetic. Its porosity varies.
  • Elmer’s Glue properties: This glue is primarily water-based and best suited for paper.
  • Project-dependent: The kind of project determines if Elmer’s Glue is suitable for bonding felt.

Sticking to the Basics: What’s Elmer’s Made Of?

Elmer’s Glue, well-known among crafters and students, is primarily a water-based adhesive. 

It’s crafted to bond paper materials seamlessly. Felt, however, is not paper. 

The effectiveness of Elmer’s Glue on felt hinges on the felt’s specific type and the purpose of the glue. 

While some felt types may be more porous, making them somewhat receptive to the glue, it’s essential to note that Elmer’s Glue isn’t specially designed for fabrics or felt.

The Final Thread: Should You Use Elmer’s on Felt?

Given its primary design and formulation, Elmer’s Glue might not be the first choice for felt projects. 

Some types of felt might bond decently, but for a more robust and lasting bond, especially for projects that require durability, other fabric-specific adhesives might be a wiser choice. 

Always test a small piece first and consider the purpose of your project before making your adhesive selection.


While Elmer’s Glue has been a trustworthy companion for many paper-based projects, felt might require a bit more specialized care. 

When embarking on a felt project, ensure you’re equipped with the right adhesive to make your creativity truly shine!

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