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Mod Podge vs. Elmers Glue 2022: The Ultimate Comparison

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Written by: Jeremy Sanchez


Mod Podge vs. Elmers Glue 2022: The Ultimate Comparison

Arts and crafts projects require attention, commitment, and a good adhesive.

Small-scale projects won’t need a super strong glue, but you’ll still need some sticky substance to put everything together.

In this article, I’ll discuss Mod Podge vs. Elmers Glue and compare the two adhesives.

Everyone recommends these two adhesives for hobby projects and arts and crafts.

We’ll see which is better, why, and my recommendation. Though the two adhesives sometimes overlap in their characteristics, they’re mostly used for different things.

Recommendation – Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer seems to be the better option thanks to its increased versatility, water resistance, and improved applicability for various projects. Though the difference between the two adhesives is

Keep reading to see what I’m talking about!

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Mod Podge vs. Elmers Glue

Mod Podge Review

I’ll start with Mod Podge and say that his adhesive is a three-in-one glue. It’s a water-based sealer, a super glue, and a finish.

This versatility increases the number of things you can do with it. You can easily use it for arts and crafts and other hobby projects involving several materials.

You can glue paper to paper, seal puzzles, and do other small-scale things with it.

It’s not an industrial or construction adhesive, so don’t try to use it for this type of stuff.

Mod Podge is great for art projects because it’s a non-toxic and water-based adhesive.

Lastly, Mod Podge is very easy to clean with water and soap. A damp cloth will be enough to clean everything in a few seconds if the white glue hasn’t solidified and dried.

You can even put the clothes in a washing machine to eliminate the glue.

I wouldn’t recommend it for arts and crafts and children’s projects if it weren’t non-toxic.

The little ones can even ingest it without a problem (though, try to avoid this).

It’s probably the best glue for wood.

Elmer’s Glue Review

Elmer’s Glue is a type of white glue, just like Mod Podge, based on water and polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl glycol, and polyvinyl alcohol.

Any way you look, Elmer’s Glue’s composition is the most common you’ll find in most adhesives out there. But Elmer’s glue is a bit special.

This adhesive is non-toxic, so that children can use it for arts and crafts projects.

Not only can children ingest it with no risks, but even if they mess with it, you can clean it easily.

Even when it becomes dry, you can easily peel it off clothes and other materials.

With Elmer’s Glue, you can work on materials like thin wood, paper, fabrics, cardboard, and more.

Anything involving arts and crafts can be solved with a few drops of Elmer’s Glue.

However, don’t try to use it for construction or weighty projects because it won’t work. This adhesive isn’t designed for large-scale applications.

Mod Podge vs. Elmer’s Glue

For a more relevant view, I’ll make a side-by-side comparison between the two adhesives in various categories and see which one is better:


First, you’ll want to know what you can use the adhesives for or what types of applications they work on.

Mod Podge is very versatile and can use for many things. Its viscosity is very thin and dries clear, so it should be very easy to use in most applications.

I recommend Mod Podge for arts and crafts projects that don’t require too much finesse or performance.

You can use it for construction paper, fabrics, and various types of paper to create a glossy finish.

Mod Podge is also a good water sealer for puzzles and other projects that require long-term stability and conservation.

However, Mod Podge isn’t 100% waterproof, nor does it have too much tensile strength.

It’s one of the weakest glues out there, and any weighty application will fall apart if you use Mod Podge.

Elmer’s Glue is also used strictly for arts and crafts, and just like Mod Podge, it is extremely weak.

It doesn’t have too long of a lifespan and is not 100% waterproof either. I don’t recommend Elmer’s glue if you plan on bonding any weighty object.

You’re better off using a more performant adhesive.

On the upside, Elmer’s Glue is pretty versatile and can bond construction paper, thin wood, paper, fabrics, and more.

However, you can’t use it as a sealer or finish because it doesn’t dry clear. Compared to Mod Podge, Elmer’s Glue should only be used for basic arts and crafts projects.

If you want a bit more complex, go for Mod Podge!


There’s no noticeable difference between Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue regarding the range of materials they can bond.

Both interact greatly with paper, construction paper, fabrics, and thin wood.

These two types of glue are white glues, technically, so use them as you would other white glues.

The two adhesives don’t work on non-porous materials and will not bond with metal, plastic, or similar materials.

However, as I said before, Mod Podge can be used as a sealer because of its clear finish.

It’s a bit more versatile than Elmer’s Glue. But, in terms of bonding strength, the two are equally weak.

Bonding Strength

Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue are weak, so weak that you can’t use them for any weight-bearing application.

They’re also not water-resistant, so don’t use them for outdoor applications because you’ll fail. They’re also not impact-resistant, solvent-resistant, or heat-resistant.

Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue should be used only for basic arts and crafts projects.

They’re not designed for industrial-grade bonding, heavy-duty repairs, or large-scale projects. You’ll do it at your own risk if you use them for this.

These adhesives can only hold together a few pieces of paper, fabrics, and thin wood.

Anything heavier than that won’t work. Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue are excellent for school projects but nothing more!


Because neither glue is sticky nor strong, they’re easy to clean up. Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue are water-based, which means you can clean them using water and soap.

You don’t need any solvents at all. Just water should be fine even after the adhesive has dried up.

Before they have dried, Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue can be cleaned up with water and a bit of soap.

These adhesives aren’t water-resistant at all after all. If they have dried, use some detergent and hot water to remove the glue stains.

You can even put the dirtied clothes into the washing machine if you’re lazy.

Even if the worst happens and you drop some glue on your skin, and it dries, you can peel it off with no harm done. That’s one of the pros of a weak glue!

Health Warnings

Both adhesives are safe for children. They are non-toxic, easy to clean, and easy to use.

Because they’re made from organic materials and nothing more, they don’t contain VOCs or toxic compounds that may harm the children’s health.

Even if ingested, Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue are completely harmless.

Neither one of the two types of glue contain any specific health warnings either. This means they are safe for children to use in schools and at home.

Wrap Up

There are only two differences between Mod Podge and Elmer’s Glue. The first will dry clear, while the second doesn’t.

And then, Mod Podge is a bit more versatile than Elmer’s Glue because you can use it for more applications where you need a water sealer.

Elmer’s Glue is only good for basic arts and crafts projects.

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