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How to Dissolve Gorilla Glue from Hair?

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Written by: Diana Ploscaru


How to Dissolve Gorilla Glue from Hair?

Did Gorilla Glue get into your hair by accident? There are several things you can try to get rid of it:

  1. Use a comb and a shampoo
  2. Use non-oil-based products
  3. Use vegetable oil
  4. Use baking soda

You should take quick action, or the glue will get stuck to your hair and entangle everything.

Gorilla Glue isn’t safe if it touches your skin either.

Keep reading to find out how to dissolve Gorilla Glue from hair!

How to Dissolve Gorilla Glue from Hair?

Use a Comb and a Shampoo

The first solution is also the simplest, but you must act quickly.

You’ll need:

  1. A comb
  2. A towel
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Conditioner
  5. Shampoo

Follow the steps below to dissolve Gorilla Glue from your hair:

  1. Comb your hair immediately, and try to remove as much of the glue as possible. Use a towel or fabric to wipe the comb after each swipe;
  2. Put on a pair of rubber gloves;
  3. Cover all your hair in shampoo;
  4. Rinse off the shampoo and then apply the conditioner. First, cover the end of your strands in conditioner and then get down to the scalp;
  5. Stay like this for 3-5 minutes before rinsing your hair with warm water;
  6. Dry your hair with a blow dryer.

This should remove the Gorilla Glue adhesive from your hair.

If it doesn’t work, move to the next solution.

This method also works for removing Gorilla Glue from hands.

Use Non-Oil Based Products

This solution uses non-oil-based products to remove Gorilla Glue using the same steps above.

You’ll need:

  1. A non-oil-based product
  2. A conditioner
  3. Shampoo
  4. A towel

Start by washing your hair and using a non-oil-based product to cover all the glued strands.

Then, rinse the hair, use conditioner, and rinse again.

Do this as often as necessary until you get the glue out of your hair.

You may want to contact your physician or a specialist if you still can’t get the glue out of your hair.

Use Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil can remove Gorilla Glue from your hair only if a non-oil product doesn’t work.

You’ll need:

  1. Vegetable oil
  2. Protective gloves
  3. A plastic wrap for your hair
  4. Shampoo

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Put your hair in a bun (wear gloves);
  2. Apply vegetable oil to the bun. Use the oil liberally as it doesn’t harm your hair;
  3. Cover your head with plastic wrap and stay like that for an hour. This will set the oil to seep into the glue;
  4. Remove the plastic wrap and rinse your hair with water;
  5. Shampoo your hair and remove all the glue residue with another rinse;

Be careful about touching the glue with your hands. Use gloves when putting your hair in a bun and rinsing it with water.

Use Baking Soda

Lastly, you can use baking soda to try and dissolve the Gorilla Glue from your hair.

You’ll need:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Water
  3. Shampoo

Follow the steps below to remove Gorilla Glue with baking soda:

  1. Mix 5 tablespoons of baking soda with half a cup of water;
  2. Apply this mixture to the glued portions of your hair;
  3. Stay like this for 10-15 minutes, and then wash your hair;
  4. Use shampoo and repeat this process if necessary.

If nothing on this list works, then you need to see a doctor and potentially cut your hair.

How to Avoid Spilling Gorilla Glue on Your Hair?

When using Gorilla Glue, there are several things you can do to avoid getting it on your hair:

  • Try not to use the product indoors, where it’s more likely to cause a mess;
  1. Try to remove the glue immediately once it gets in your hair. The more you wait, the more damage it’ll do to your hair and scalp. As it dries, Gorilla Glue will entangle your hair strands, making them harder to remove;
  2. Don’t touch the adhesive with your naked hands;
  3. Don’t touch glued objects before the glue has dried completely;
  4. Don’t use Gorilla Glue for artsy projects. Instead, use wax or a different kind of glue;
  5. If you’re building furniture, try using clamps instead of Gorilla Glue.

Always read a product’s warning labels and instructions before you use it.

Moreover, you should always wear protective gear like gloves and a pair of goggles.


Gorilla Glue is an industrial glue, and as such, it has high tensile strength.

It’ll be hard to remove if it gets into your hair without cutting it.

But it’s worth a shot. To summarize, you can try dissolving Gorilla Glue from hair with:

  1. A comb and a shampoo
  2. Non-oil based products
  3. Vegetable oil
  4. Baking soda

Contact a medical professional if these solutions don’t work. They might be able to tell you more.

Can Gorilla Glue damage your scalp?

Yes, it can. Gorilla Glue is not meant to be used on hair because it contains toxic compounds.

The warning labels tell you not to let the glue touch your skin; the scalp is made of skin.

You should immediately wash your hair and remove the glue as soon as possible.

Otherwise, your scalp will become irritated, and your hair might get permanently damaged and burnt.

Acetone and alcohol might dissolve Gorilla Glue, but applying these to your hair is more difficult.

Does Gorilla Glue dry instantly?

Not instantly, but very quickly. Gorilla Glue dries in 10-45 seconds, depending on the outside temperature and other factors.

This super glue is built to withstand enormous pressure and even dangerous drops.

It’s one of the stickiest adhesives on the market.

Gorilla Glue also has high shear strength, making it resistant to being pressed by two opposite forces.

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