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Hot Glue vs Super Glue for Fabric: The Ultimate Face-off

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Written by: Diana Ploscaru


Hot Glue vs Super Glue for Fabric: The Ultimate Face-off

When it comes to crafting, the choice of adhesive can make or break your project. Especially with fabric, the right glue ensures durability and longevity. 

But in the battle between hot glue and super glue for fabric, who wins? Let’s dive into the sticky details and find out!

Choosing between hot glue and super glue for fabric is not as simple as it may seem. The fabric type, project requirements, and the glue’s specific characteristics all play a significant role. 

Stick around to understand better the ins and outs of these glues when it comes to fabric.

Hot Glue vs Super Glue: A Sticky Situation

  • Hot glue is a thermoplastic adhesive that is applied with a glue gun and hardens as it cools.
  • Super glue, a cyanoacrylate adhesive, is known for its super-strong bonding and quick-drying properties.
Hot Glue vs Super Glue for Fabric: The Ultimate Face-off

Hot Glue on Fabric: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


  • Works well on thicker fabrics like denim or canvas due to its ability to penetrate these materials.
  • Ideal for temporary or quick fixes due to its easy application and removal.
  • Allows for repositioning before the glue completely hardens.


  • Not suitable for delicate fabrics as it can seep through, causing a mess.
  • The bond may weaken or become brittle over time.
  • Not advisable for clothes that require regular washing.

Super Glue on Fabric: Sticking Through Thick and Thin


  • Forms a robust and long-lasting bond, ideal for permanent fixes.
  • Works well on a wide range of fabrics.
  • Dries clear, making it less visible on the fabric.


  • Not suitable for fabrics that need to stretch, as the hardened glue can crack.
  • Can leave a stiff and uncomfortable patch on wearable items.
  • Once applied, it cannot be repositioned or easily removed.

Fabric Face-off: Best Bets for Hot Glue and Super Glue

  • Hot glue is best for dense or decorative fabrics that don’t require regular washing. Think denim patches, craft projects, or home décor items.
  • Super glue shines with fabrics requiring a strong bond that lasts. It’s suitable for fixing hems, mending tears, or attaching accessories permanently.

Gluing It All Together: The Ultimate Verdict

In the end, both hot glue and super glue have their place in the crafting world. While hot glue offers flexibility and ease, super glue provides strength and durability. It all boils down to what your fabric project requires.

Remember, successful gluing isn’t just about the adhesive type, but also the correct application. 

And while both these glues can be handy for quick fixes, nothing beats good old sewing for fabric projects requiring durability and longevity. 

So, choose wisely, and may all your crafts turn out to be masterpieces!

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