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Nailed It: Crafting Your Own Nail Glue

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Written by: Diana Ploscaru


Nailed It: Crafting Your Own Nail Glue

Adorning our nails with beautiful designs and extensions has become a popular trend, and with that, the demand for nail glue has risen. 

Sometimes, in a pinch, you might find yourself without this essential item. Don’t fret! 

You can easily make nail glue at home with a few ingredients. If you’re curious about creating your very own nail adhesive, keep reading.

Quick Look: Nail Glue in a Nutshell

  • Homemade nail glue is affordable and easy to make.
  • It’s ideal for temporary nail fixes or attaching nail extensions.
  • Made from common household items, ensuring accessibility.

Gathering Your Arsenal: Ingredients & Tools


  • Clear nail polish (as the base)
  • PVA glue (also known as white school glue)


  • A small mixing bowl or container
  • A toothpick or small stirrer
  • An empty nail polish bottle (for storage)

Creating the Bond: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Start Clean: Ensure the mixing bowl is clean and free from any residue.
  1. Mixing Begins: Pour equal parts of clear nail polish and PVA glue into the mixing bowl. A good starting point is a teaspoon of each.
  1. Stir it Up: Using the toothpick or small stirrer, mix the two ingredients until they are thoroughly combined, ensuring a smooth consistency.
  1. Bottle it: Once your nail glue mixture is well combined, carefully pour or funnel it into the empty nail polish bottle.
  1. Seal & Store: Close the bottle’s cap tightly to ensure the glue doesn’t dry out or spill.

Stick with It: Usage and Storing Tips

  • Application: Just like any commercial nail glue, use the brush for a smooth application on your nails or extensions. Let it dry thoroughly before any further nail work.
  • Storage: Store your homemade nail glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to preserve its shelf life.
  • Shelf Life: Remember, this is a DIY solution. It’s best to use your homemade nail glue within 1-2 months for optimal performance.
  • Temporary Fix: Homemade nail glue is excellent for temporary fixes and not recommended for long-term nail extensions. For a more durable bond, consider commercial alternatives.

Polished Finish: Concluding Thoughts

Making your own nail glue at home is not just cost-effective but also super convenient, especially for those sudden nail emergencies. 

While it may not replace the strength of store-bought versions, it’s a handy solution in a pinch. With your new knowledge, you’re now equipped to face any nail challenge head-on. 

Keep shining, keep crafting, and most importantly, keep nailing it!

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