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Best Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair: FAQ, Product Guide and Tips

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Written by: Jeremy Sanchez


Best Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair: FAQ, Product Guide and Tips

Toilet accidents can happen anytime, but the consequences aren’t pretty.

A broken porcelain toilet is not exactly cheap to buy. Fortunately, while other household items may be irreparable, porcelain toilets aren’t.

With the right adhesive, you can stitch it back together into top shape. This is what we’ll talk about in this article!

You don’t even need to put in much effort with porcelain toilets. Glue it back together and pretend it never broke in the first place.

However, finding the right glue for the job is not easy.

Recommendation – J-B Weld ClearWeld is my top recommendation for repairing porcelain toilets. It has high impact resistance and great tensile strength, to boot! It has high impact resistance and great tensile strength, to boot! This multipurpose adhesive with a waterproof formula dries within 10-45 seconds.

Below, you’ll find more information about the best types of glue for porcelain toilet repair.

Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair

Types of Glue for Porcelain Toilet Repair

As always, I’ll present the various types of glue that are best used for repairing things, in this case, a porcelain toilet:

Super Glue

When you’re out of options, go with super glues because they’ll never disappoint.

This type of adhesive is strong and dries very fast for instant bonding.

They work great with smooth and delicate surfaces like porcelain, as well.

Its high bonding strength also ensures a long lifespan for any glued object.

There’s little need for clamping, thanks to its near-instant drying time.

I recommend super glue brands for repairing porcelain figurines, memorabilia, or toilets.


If you’re alright with the longer drying time, then epoxy glue is perfect for repairing your porcelain toilet.

The 2-part construction of the glue, with the glue and the curing agent, makes for an efficient and complete bonding experience.

Epoxy glues also have high tensile strength and are great at filling gaps in porcelain.

Other than superglues, epoxy glues are, by far, some of the best adhesives for repairing porcelain toilets.


Polyurethane is a special adhesive that doesn’t work on all materials.

However, thanks to its carbon polymer constitution, it’s extremely suitable for porcelain.

It forms a strong bond with high resistance to external hazards.

However, at first, polyurethane is slightly toxic. While it takes quite a while to cure, though, after the process ends, the adhesive becomes fully non-toxic.

The bond is inert and immovable, which means it’ll always hold your toilet in place!

This type of glue also works as a glue for ceramic repair.

Top 6 Glues for Porcelain Toilet Repair

Here are my recommendations for the best glue for porcelain toilet repair.

1. Gorilla Super Glue, 20 Gram, Clear


  • Versatile porcelain glue
  • #1 best glue for porcelain toilet repair
  • Can fix any broken toilet bowl
  • Compatible with any toilet tank


  • Not ideal for filling wide gaps

No adhesive brand is as renowned and professional as Gorilla Glue. This particular adhesive is waterproof and highly resistant to impact, shocks, and vibrations.

I handpicked Gorilla Super Glue, 20 Gram, Clear because of the high quality of the adhesive itself.

It doesn’t crack, break apart, disintegrate, or dissolve because of solvents, water, extreme temperatures, and other hazards.

After repairing your porcelain toilet with this adhesive, it’s a job well done.

2. J-B Weld ClearWeld


  • Can repair any porcelain toilet bowl
  • Perfect ceramic glue
  • Can repair hairline cracks on any porcelain toilet bowl
  • Perfect for ceramic repair work


  • Long bonding time
  • Not that thick

J-B Weld is a multipurpose all-strength adhesive that’s long-lasting and extremely powerful.

This is a 2-part glue that uses a combination of glue and curing agent to quicken the setting and curing times.

Thanks to the syringe applicator, it’s very easy to use, despite mixing the glue and curing agent before applying.

The package comes with a tray and stirring stick to speed up the mixing process.

J-B Weld ClearWeld is waterproof and transparent when fully clear, making it highly attractive for external jobs.

However, if you damage the syringe applicator, it may become difficult to use the glue again.

Moreover, the adhesive is also flammable, especially when you first apply it. Once it dries and cures, it’s considerably safer.

3. The Gorilla Super Glue Gel


  • Great for porcelain repair work
  • Can fix any cracked toilet, porcelain sink and porcelain tiles
  • Compatible with broken ceramic & toilet flange
  • Suitable for any metal surface


  • Long bonding time

The second Gorilla glue on this list, the Super Glue Gel, is tough, very powerful, and easy to apply.

Thanks to its instant setting time, this super glue is recommended for vertical and other difficult applications.

While you can use Gorilla Super Glue Gel on many materials, it works best on ceramics and porcelain, thanks to its powerful hold.

Once dry and cured, the adhesive will absorb most of the shock caused by impacts and drops.

However, I recommend using it while you still can. If unused, the glue may dry out by itself, becoming unusable.

Though, the anti-clog cap will lengthen its lifespan significantly.

4. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue


  • Extremely fast bonding time
  • Can repair any porcelain toilet bowl
  • Can repair hairline cracks on any porcelain toilet bowl


  • Bottle runs out too quickly

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue is a multipurpose adhesive that offers a long-lasting and powerful bond for porcelain toilets.

It offers great control of application thanks to the precise applicator.

Moreover, the glue offers decent water resistance and impact resistance, making it ideal for toilet repairs.

Its texture and functions work great in filling gaps in the broken parts of your toilet.

You don’t need to clamp after application because the glue sets in a few seconds.

Despite this, Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue can’t fill any wide gaps found in broken ceramics.

5. Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue


  • Waterproof
  • Can be stored for later use
  • High bonding strength
  • Forms a clear bond


  • Does not work with plastic

If you’ve got nothing else on hand, then Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue makes for a fantastic porcelain toilet adhesive.

It’s highly effective at bonding broken porcelain because of its high purity and great control.

Moreover, the adhesive comes with a 60-day guarantee, so you can return it if you’re not satisfied with it.

Even better, this adhesive is multi-functional as it works on many materials other than porcelain.

However, Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue is a bit runny and has a long bonding time. You may need to clamp it down, as well.

6. Super Glue 15187


  • Waterproof
  • Binds in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for porcelain toilet repair


  • High binding time

This is one of the oldest super glue brands in the world, an original formula super glue that creates a powerful bond in about 30 seconds from the application.

It’s also perfect for non-porous surfaces such as porcelain toilets.

If your toilet has a crack, I recommend Super Glue 15187, thanks to its lengthened bonding lifespan.

However, the bonding process takes quite a while, and the substance is also a bit runny.

How Do You Know Your Toilet Needs Fixing?

It shouldn’t be hard to determine that your ceramic toilet is broken. If it behaves abnormally in any way, then it most likely needs a fix.

Here are a few signs your toilet may be broken:

  • Leaks
  • Doesn’t flush
  • Runs constantly
  • Clogs and overflows
  • Hissing sounds in the tank
  • Low water level

You may not need a toilet replacement when you encounter these problems.

A glue bottle is usually all you need to fix your ceramic toilet. If the toilet is cracked, use professional ceramic toilet glue to mend it.

What Should You Look for In Ceramic Toilet Glues?

Arguably, there are plenty of adhesives on the market. Figuring out which is good for repairing porcelain toilets sounds hard, but it isn’t.

That’s because porcelain surfaces are glossy but also porous within. Your toilet also comes in full contact with water, so the glue needs to be waterproof.

Here are two other factors you’ll need to consider:

  • Weight handling – Ceramic toilets are heavy, so the adhesive needs immense tensile strength to hold all that weight together. Even if the crack is small, it still destabilizes the structure of the toilet as a whole. Only a powerful bond will keep things intact for a long time.
  • Thickness or thinness – If your toilet has a large crack, you’ll need a thick adhesive. If, on the other hand, you need to fill a hole or a small space, then a thinner glue will work better.

Lastly, you’ll need to take precautions when working with most porcelain toilet glues.

Ventilation is extremely important since most of these glues are toxic.

Avoid breathing in the fumes it emits by working in an open space or a room with plenty of natural ventilation.

Similarly, use hand gloves and eyewear when working with glues. Some glues dry very quickly, and they’ll stick to your hands quickly.

Moreover, due to their increased toxicity, you don’t want the glue to get in your eyes by mistake.

Wrap Up

It’s not difficult to repair your porcelain toilet. You don’t even have to call on an expert to fix it.

Anyone can do it at home with just a bottle of glue, a pair of gloves, and accurate instructions.

I recommend following the glue’s instructions to the letter and striving to bond your toilet as best as possible.

The glue will do the rest; you have nothing to worry about.

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