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How To Use Glue Dots On Wall?

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Written by: Jeremy Sanchez


How To Use Glue Dots On Wall?

Using glue dots on your wall is as simple as peeling them off the backing and pressing them onto the wall. You can choose between repositionable and permanent options. 

You can use these sticky dots to attach various lightweight items to the wall, such as photos. 

The glue dots are a great, easy, and effective way to creatively decorate a space. 

Besides your walls, you can also add these sticky dots to other surfaces, including:

  • Your ceiling 
  • Glass or window 
  • Metal surfaces 

So let’s look at the benefits of glue dots and how you can easily use them on your walls and other places. 

How To Use Glue Dots On Walls, Ceilings, Glass, And Metal

These sticky dots are a great option to decorate a part of your wall, ceiling, glass, or even a metal surface, especially if you don’t want to make it permanent. 

These glue dots allow you to hang photos, art, or other items on your wall without drilling holes. 

If you choose the repositionable variety, you can easily peel them off and place them in a different spot or pattern if you want to change things. 

Follow these steps to use glue dots on your walls or other surfaces, including ceilings, glass, or metal:

  1. Make sure your wall surface is clean, free of stains and dust 
  2. Open the packaging
  3. The glue dots will be placed on a backing – peel them off one by one (or just one if you only need one)
  4. Know where you want to place it and press it into place on the wall – apply good pressure for a few seconds

If you want to use glue dots on a glass or metal surface, before you apply the sticky dots, clean the surfaces. 

Wipe down dust, debris, or any stains, rinse the surface, and allow it to dry fully. 

Once the surface is dry, you can apply the glue dots to it, as many and in any pattern you wish, depending on your project. 

A Creative Way Of Using Glue Dots On Your Walls

You don’t necessarily have to stick an art or a picture to these sticky dots. 

You can paint over them in your chosen color and apply them to the wall on their own, adding a personal touch to it. 

You can place them as dots on your wall to get a dotted wall or create patterns on your wall, either in 1 color or different colors. 

So let’s have a look at a few glue dot products and what features they have. 

Gorilla Permanent Adhesive Dots

These glue dots come in a clear format. They provide an instant hold and are photo safe. 

The measurement of a glue dot is about ½”. 

These crystal-clear adhesive dots have an adhesion on both sides. Besides attaching them to your wall, you can also use them for crafts, scrapbooking, card making, sealing envelopes, and much more. 

Follow these steps to use Gorilla Permanent Glue Dots:

  1. Clean the surface and allow it to dry completely
  2. Remove the top liner from the glue dots (from as many as you will be using)
  3. Apply the glue dot to the wall or another surface, keeping the liner on the other side
  4. Apply pressure until it adheres to the wall (apply the pressure with your finger on the liner of the dot so it doesn’t stick to your finger)
  5. Remove the paper liner 

Gorilla Permanent Adhesive Dots are compatible with:

  • Glass
  • Metal 
  • Paper 
  • Plastic 
  • Wood 
  • Painted walls 
  • Foam 

Because these glue dots are permanent and very strong, they can be easy to remove and could potentially leave a mark behind when you remove them. 

Let’s look at a glue dots product that you can remove and reposition easily without using any solvents for removal. 

Glue Dots Removable Dots 

This product is non-toxic, kid-friendly, acid-free, and photo safe. 

They are double-sided sticky dots that provide instant bonding.

You can remove them easily without using solvents or other methods. They are easy to remove and reposition if you change your mind about where to have them. 

These waterproof glue dots are made to adhere to various surfaces, including:

  • Painted walls 
  • Plastic 
  • Paper 
  • Glass 
  • Foam 
  • more  

Glue Dots: The Benefits and Some Disadvantages

Glue dots have many benefits worth mentioning. 

Here are the main and obvious ones:

  • Easy to peel off the backing 
  • Easy to use 
  • No mess 
  • You can remove it easily without damaging your wall 
  • You can easily reposition it and it will stick just as well

With glue dots, you simply peel and stick. 

There is no mess involved. 

These versatile sticky dots make decorating a space easy and hassle-free. No drilling holes in the walls or hammering nails. 

So what about the disadvantages of glue dots?

There aren’t many disadvantaged when it comes to sticky dots, but let’s check them out anyway. 

The disadvantages of glue dots include the following:

  • They don’t stick to all surfaces, including concrete and brick 
  • When you remove them, they could leave some glue residue on your surface
  • The permanent glue dots can be hard to remove 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do glue dots stain the wall?

Glue dots should not stain the wall as they are made of non-porous materials, so they won’t absorb into the surface. They will simply stick on top of it. 

Will the glue dots take the paint off the wall?

Glue dots are not strong enough to peel off the paint from the walls. 

Are glue dots waterproof?

Some glue dots are waterproof, but not all of them are. If you are looking for waterproof glue dots, check in the description whether the ones you are looking at are waterproof. 


Using glue dots on your walls is very easy. Simply peel them off the backing and stick them to your wall. 

The double-sided sticky dots are strong enough to hold various lightweight items, including photos. They are also photo-safe, so you won’t damage them when you remove them. 

If you are changing your decoration with glue dots, make sure you use repositionable ones, not permanent ones. 

Peel and stick to create a new look in your space. It is this simple.

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